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Working Papers

"Spatial Misallocation, Informality and Transit Improvements: Evidence from Mexico City" June 2024 [PDF

Revised and Resubmitted  to the American Economic Review
Urban Economics Association 2020 Student Prize (Honorable Mention)

"Lakes and Economic Development: Evidence from the Permanent Shrinking of Lake Chad" [PDF] December 2023 (with Remi Jedwab, Federico Haslop, and Carlos Rodríguez-Castelan) 

Reject and Resubmit at the Review of Economic Studies

"Labor Market Effects of Global Supply Chain Disruptions" [PDF] August 2023 (with Mauricio Ulate and Jose P. Vásquez) 

Reject and Resubmit at the Journal of Monetary Economics

"Measuring Imperfect Competition in Product and Labor Markets. An Empirical Analysis using Firm-level Production Data" June 2018 [PDF] [Slides] (with Darío Tortarolo)  (New version coming soon)

Selected Work in Progress

"Understanding Low Productivity in Developing Countries: Evidence from the Airline Industry" (with David Atkin and Amit Khandelwal)

"Urban Transit Infrastructure Spatial Mismatch and Labor Market Power" (with Jorge Pérez-Pérez and Felipe Vial[Slides]

"The Gains from Foreign Multinationals in an Economy with Distortions" (with Isabela Manelici and José P. Vásquez)

Other Writing

"VoxDevLit: Land Transport Infrastructure" (with Marco González-Navarro, Remi Jedwab, and Nick Tsivanidis) [PDF]

"Condiciones de pobreza y el acceso a programas sociales de los hogares colombianos" (with Adriana Camacho), Chap 4. Colombia en Movimiento 2010-2013. Editorial UniAndes [PDF]

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