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Working Papers

"Spatial Misallocation, Informality and Transit Improvements: Evidence from Mexico City" January 2023 [PDF

Revise and Resubmit at the American Economic Review
Urban Economics Association 2020 Student Prize (Honorable Mention)

"Lakes and Economic Development: Evidence from the Permanent Shrinking of Lake Chad" [PDF] December 2023 (with Remi Jedwab, Federico Haslop, and Carlos Rodríguez-Castelan) 

"Labor Market Effects of Global Supply Chain Disruptions" [PDF] August 2023 (with Mauricio Ulate and Jose P. Vásquez) 

"Measuring Imperfect Competition in Product and Labor Markets. An Empirical Analysis using Firm-level Production Data" June 2018 [PDF] [Slides] (with Darío Tortarolo)  (New version coming soon)

Selected Work in Progress

"Understanding Low Productivity in Developing Countries: Evidence from the Airline Industry" (with David Atkin and Amit Khandelwal)

"Urban Transit Infrastructure Spatial Mismatch and Labor Market Power" (with Jorge Pérez-Pérez and Felipe Vial[Slides]

"The Gains from Foreign Multinationals in an Economy with Distortions" (with Isabela Manelici and José P. Vásquez)

Other Writing

"VoxDevLit: Land Transport Infrastructure" (with Marco González-Navarro, Remi Jedwab, and Nick Tsivanidis) [PDF]

"Condiciones de pobreza y el acceso a programas sociales de los hogares colombianos" (with Adriana Camacho), Chap 4. Colombia en Movimiento 2010-2013. Editorial UniAndes [PDF]

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